Glasgow Wedding Photographer

Have you ever wondered what a wedding day is like for a Scottish wedding photographer?

While there are no two weddings the same – and most of the preparation is done well before the day in question – I’ll give you a rough idea of what to expect from me!

Scottish Wedding Photographer

With my suit pressed, shirt ironed and shoes polished the day before, I then double check my full photography equipment which has already been looked out and checked a couple of days before your big day. This is a ritual I like to follow for every wedding I shoot!

I initially like to spend time with the bride (and bridal party during hair and make-up prep) to capture the excitement building.

Bridal prep
Dundee wedding photographer

Leaving the bridal party to enjoy some time together (and perhaps a glass of Prosecco or two!), I then make my way to the venue where the groom and his party are. This is a perfect time to capture stunning images for the bride to reflect on post wedding as it provides a magical insight into her partner’s preparations.

Jack Butland

I then return to the bridal party to capture more beautiful images of the bridal party which at this time is usually when the final dress checks are made.


With a final check of the zip or tightening of the corset I’m there to capture these last few moments before the bride prepares to walk down the aisle. And let’s not forget that moment when the Father of the Bride sees his gorgeous daughter in her dress for the first time!


Once ready, I would then make my way to the venue (if not already there) to capture images of the guests and groom arriving.

This would also include images of the bridal party arriving in their wedding cars (and of course the bride sometimes arriving fashionably late, keeping her partner on their toes!).

Bride & Father

I capture beautiful candid images of the full ceremony, signing of the register and post ceremony celebrations involving the bride and groom and their guests.

Wedding Venue

At this point pre-arranged posed group shots can be taken. However, this is very much dependent on how the bride and groom wish for their day to unfold. As I said, no two weddings are the same and my priority is to ensure I capture the natural flow to the day.

Wedding confetti

I like to take the bride and groom for some private shots ,but again this depends on their schedule and choice. This, and the rest of the day, would have been finalised during my pre wedding meeting with the bride and groom to find out their exact requirements.


Following this, images are taken of the bride and groom entering the wedding breakfast and during the speeches / cake cutting (again, this obviously depends on when the bride and groom schedule these e.g. speeches before or after dinner). Images are not actually taken during the meal itself (unless requested) as the vast majority of bride and grooms don’t wish photographs of themselves or their guests mid mouthful!


 Following the meal and between the venue room turnaround is also a good opportunity to capture some special moments of the bride and groom welcoming their evening guests / catching up with everyone post meal.

Finally, the first dance and subsequent dances are always covered. I like to include a few dances as this creates further special moments of everyone enjoying the day and letting their hair down on the dance floor. It’s amazing the moves brides can pull in a wedding dress!

First Dance
Bride Dancing
Jewish Wedding

It’s at this point I leave a full dance floor and the bride and groom (both of whom are on cloud nine!) to enjoy the rest of their evening, with all images from the day safely stored in my camera bag ready for my post production to begin.

Bride and Groom
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